Map of the Idaho City Grocery Ride. Usually takes about 45 minutes to ride up to Idaho City from Boise via Hwy 21, a winding two-lane road. After hanging out at the grocery store with cold ones that cold day, we returned to Boise.

Parked outside the Idaho City Grocery (3906' elevation) are the bikes ridden up by Boise locals Grumbler and Big. A very wild westerly storefront much like the rest of the town.

Close-up view of Idaho City Grocery which is owned by Trudy, a longtime Idaho City resident, who also owns Trudy's Kitchen next door. Both bikes, however, are not hers. ;^)

South of Idaho City Grocery is the Chalet Drive-In, Hwy 21 towards Boise, and across the road is a Coca-Cola truck by the Gold Mine Eatery & Saloon. There's a couple of bikes parked in the foreground in case you overlooked them.

Big's 1999 VN1500E2 has been modified over the years with crash bars, exhaust pipes, air kit, tweaked carb, hardbags, risers, homemade windshield, dual backrests, rack, and so forth. He has traveled far and wide on his trusty steed.

Grumbler's 2001 VN1500N2 left the saddlebags at home as there was no need to pack a set of snowchains for this grueling expedition to the far north. ;^) Anyway, this is the Fuel Injected model, and have only added windshield, exhaust pipes, backrest, rack, cruiser badges, and quick detach brackets for the saddlebags.

North of Idaho City Grocery are 3 signs on the left. Tallest sign in white is for "Trudy's Kitchen". The yellow sign just below it proclaims "Home Of The World Famous Pies" and they are good. Hwy 21 goes north to Lowman and Stanley.

Bruce, who lives up in Wilderness Ranch, took this photo several weeks later of Trudy herself next to his V-Strom. There was a feature article, The Alps Of Idaho, in Rider magazine's March 2004 issue which mentioned Trudy's Kitchen. After Bruce showed it to Trudy, she had the sign changed so he could take this photo, and sent it to Rider. It's on page 8 of the August 2004 issue.

Took this pix of the Welcome To Historic Idaho City sign on July 3rd, 2004 which is next to Trudy's Kitchen. Most motorcyclists tend to stop at Diamond Lil's and Harley's Pub, both on Main Street, right around the corner.

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